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    An efficient network security system

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    The main aspect of an efficient network security system is to keep the network running and safe for all legitimate users.

    Guide to Cyber Security Protection for Small Businesses


    The main characteristic of an efficient network security system is to keep the network running and safe for all legitimate users (visit and learn more). These legitimate users are either employed by a large company or by a government or organization that is trustworthy, though they are typically not represented in the system in the same way as active members.

    While we do not necessarily require an entire network to be robust against fraudulent activities, an efficient network security system may still be vulnerable to certain types of fraud. A huge component of this vulnerability is that most members of the network must be unaware of a massive crisis occurring or attempt to plan around it and/or on-ramp any potential victims in advance, otherwise network operations might suffer. While this may help mitigate potential security problems, it also makes it hard for the attackers to identify and fix the problem.

    It is essential to monitor every available aspect of network security systems (i.e. their operation, vulnerabilities, and use cases) to identify potential fraud.

    Cost Benefit Analysis

    Once a network has established security best practices and a network health dashboard, the next step is to determine if the cost benefits justify the investment. Cost benefits are important considerations when looking at everything from the cost of hardware to infrastructure to IT training to salaries and benefits.

    These have been investigated thoroughly by Kroll Ontrack to look at some of the more commonly referenced cost-benefit ratios:

    Optimize Software

    While an efficient network security system can help prevent fraud, it is possible to mitigate the risk of fraud even with high security practices. For example, it is possible to provide an alert-based system for security, based on the data gathered by the network security system (e.g. log statements) to detect anomalous activity. At the same time, there is an opportunity to reduce the risk of fraud with a maintenance interval of one day. These considerations show that there is value in providing early detection services that provide fraud detection benefits as well especially when you use data management applications and cloud services. For more database and cloud software options visit

    Consider security maintenance

    Another consideration of optimization is the value of improving security services on the network. Increasingly the cost of services like the one discussed above (i.e. an on-ramp) may become necessary. While an on-ramp is beneficial, certain security features are valuable for an entire network.

    Consider Network Operations Costs

    Once a network has established security best practices and an effective network security system has been established, this creates additional costs to support the network. During the construction phase of a project the costs involved are large but do not have to be very costly.

    Construction costs are relatively easy to quantify, though this isn’t always the case. If a builder can identify the infrastructure in advance, reduce cost by identifying where expenses may be incurred by doing a cost-benefit analysis, and then prove the cost benefits with evidence that this cost reduction is indeed achieved, a better cost benefit ratio can be achieved. This may include saving money in parts of the organization, enabling additional quality of service (QoS) and/or increased security efficiencies.

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    Online shopping is becoming the easiest way of shopping online. If you like to shop, it’s always helpful to consider what to buy and you’ll save a lot of time on this, plus you’ll also save money with help from websites like Raise. We’ve put together a list of 21 amazing websites to get you started:


    Even if you live in a different country, you can still get some savings. You can easily find a local bank that will compare your account against the national average. Of course, these statistics aren’t available to everyone, but it’s an affordable option to cut down on your money making by comparison shopping.


    Find out which stores around you are having big discounts during Black Friday and Christmas. As long as you have a credit card, you can use this site to find discount codes that have been available for a while now, and save even more money.

    Google Shopping

    Although you may have Google, you don’t have to Google. Search in your country’s local language to find something very similar to what you’re looking for in Google Shopping. You can even browse the complete price and find the coupons by yourself and find the good deals!


    Who says you can’t save money by shopping for three or more items at once? Groupon is a site that allows you to save on not only those three items, but a group of similar items as well. When you get in touch with them, they will even email you coupons and discounts for those items!

    Are you a fan of Ferretti? If you are, this will be a great place to find out the best deals for Ferretti apparel and accessories. If you’re not a Ferretti fan, this is the site for you!

    You can save even more money by shopping your local grocery stores a few times and checking out other deals before you buy. Check out our article on where to find the best deals for grocery stores, or simply google your city’s grocery store if you can’t find it on

    Online shopping is becoming an easy way of shopping online. If you like to shop, it’s always helpful to consider what to buy and you’ll save a lot of time on this. We’ve put together a list of 21 amazing websites to get you started:

    Many of us struggle with payment options. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, Paychex provides a simple solution. Paychex offers a different credit card on every card, so you don’t have to worry about a potential fraud charge. It also allows you to check out online so you can get your payment method set up right away!

    Welcome Wynn

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    On May 20th, at 9:29 in the evening, Brian and I joyfully welcomed our second child, Wynn William. We are so grateful for a healthy boy, a safe delivery and the blessing of becoming a family of 4.

    Wynn weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 20 inches long. I was in labor for less than 9 hours and pushed for less than a half hour.

    While I’m still a bit tender today, my birth experience with Wynn was absolutely incredible and I can honestly say it was everything I ever dreamed of.

    Tristan Thomas Morgan

    December 13, 2011 // No Comments »

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    On October 20th, Brian and I welcomed Tristan Thomas Morgan into the world after 31.5 hours of labor. He was 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 22 inches of awesome. He looks just like B but with my proportions (seriously, this boy has ridiculously long fingers for someone who can’t even use fingers yet).

    Needless to say, I am completely in love with this beautiful creature.


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    I’m playing with Viralogy this morning. What have you done for your blog today?


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    I’m playing with Viralogy this morning. What have you done for your blog today?

    Activities don’t equal relationships

    January 16, 2009 // 8 Comments »

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    After I finished my last post, I did an exercise with myself to figure out exactly how much was on my plate. Was there really as much everyone tells me there is? Or is it still at a manageable level? If I don’t change anything else in my daily living, how much longer will I be able to keep going at this pace?

    My little exercise in time management has a clear answer: not long at all. In fact, I probably should have keeled over from exhaustion about two months ago but somehow I stayed upright and kept moving forward.

    At first, I thought my exercise was going to be a list of all of my extracurricular activities that I am involved in on a regular basis but that didn’t work out too well. There were just too many of them and seeing list pour out of my mind and onto the paper in front of me both overwhelmed and scared me. There couldn’t possibly be that much.

    And then my little rational voice inside of my head says something along the lines of “No wonder I’m suffocating!”

    In order to make this project a little more mentally manageable, I broke my life down into basic categories. “Work” “Wife” “Professional Development” “Church” “Sorority” “Community” “Dorie” Seven manageable categories seemed to make more sense but then I realized that normal people probably don’t need to think about their lives in terms of categories and subcategories. Normal people probably just think about life in terms of “work” “home” and “play”. Normal people probably are not overwhelmed by their list of extracurricular activities.

    By the time I was done, I discovered that I have at least 27 different activities in my 7 categories. I say “at least” because I’ve since remembered more.

    In case you are anything like me, if you forget you are involved with an organization it’s okay to let it go.

    I pulled out my red pen a little later. And it sucked. It was horrible and I hated to do it by I tried to spend a few minutes in my mind with each activity. What would happen if I quit? How much time does this take up a week? Do I give to this organization? Do I take anything away from this organization? Do I have enough time, energy and resources to make this worth my while? If I was not spending my time on this, how would I rather spend it? Does this really make me happy?

    The worst part of all was realizing that not only did I have to say goodbye to some of the things that dominate my days but I probably should have done this awhile ago. I’ve been spread too thin for far too long and I haven’t been doing my best work. I couldn’t give everything I wanted to give to the things I loved because there were just too many of them. And still just one me.

    At the end of the day, it is not the organizations I am involved with or the work that I do that defines me. The relationships I build are what matters most and it is too easy to let all of the other “stuff” get in the way. The relationship I have with my husband is far more important than a relationship I might someday develop outside of my home.

    Vote for Carmella

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    Hi friends!

    Could you please help my friend Carmella out and vote for her outfit at The Limited? You’ve heard about Carmella before – she’s the one that can tell me I’m being unreasonable and I can manage to listen. She’s also someone who I trust with my own clothing decisions – her seal of approval on my wedding dress was more important to me than obtaining my mom’s approval (sorry Mom)!

    Check out the outfit she put together and if you like it, please vote. Oh and check out her blog too. You can find her at an insubstantial spark of hope.

    Philadelphia – My City of Brotherly Love

    October 30, 2008 // No Comments »

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    To live in the Philadelphia region today is one of the best feelings in the world. While we’re all sleep deprived this morning (the celebrations were very necessary last night), the level of excitement coursing through every person that walks past you is incredible.

    After 28 years, the Philadelphia Phillies have won the World Series.

    So this morning, Philly is flowing with emotion and relief. There’s almost an electric feeling to it. This morning we are proud of our team and we are proud of our city.

    This is the Philadelphia attitude in its purest form. The you-thought-I-couldn’t-do-it-but-I-did-it-anyway attitude that I love. The attitude of an underdog when he is on top. To live in Philadelphia this morning is to feel like you can change the world.

    But that same attitude is always there.

    You can find that attitude in Love Park on Monday nights. That’s when a group of suburban twenty-somethings who hang out with the homeless who frequent there. They bring sandwiches, cookies and drinks to pass out. When winter hits, they bring sweatshirts, blankets and coats. They listen to the stories that are rarely heard – stories that come from people who have spent years sleeping on the benches of the city. They are there, rain or shine, because the homeless are still there, rain or shine.

    They are there to love the unlovable. We may say it is impossible to do it, but they do it anyway.

    This is what I love best about Philadelphia. It is a city that genuinely cares and truly wants to change. It is the City of Brotherly Love. Not because of its well known nickname and not because you can go to Love Park. It is because you don’t have to live within the city limits to love and be loved.

    I’ve written at least ten different versions of this piece over the last month. Some focused on the Arts in Philadelphia (Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia is a great resource if you are a theatre junkie like myself and one of my fondest childhood memories is seeing Yo-Yo Ma at the Mann Music Center). I wrote about the nightlife and I wrote about the history. One version even read like a guidebook. But none of those versions could tell you about the love and the desire for change that fills the collective heart of the city. Today is the best morning to tell that story.

    Philadelphia is a mixed bag – our crime rate is higher than it should be. The New Orleans mayor said our city was dirtier than his city. Several months ago, a disabled child died from neglect when there was supposed to be case workers involved. And everyone is aware of the now infamous “This is America – Order in English” sign. But then there is this other side of Philadelphia – that side that sees past the flaws to the potential. This is a city of culture, history and this attitude that cannot be duplicated.

    Whether I wanted it to be or not, my heart has always been in Philadelphia. My zip code may tell you that I live in the burbs but I will you that I live within walking distance of a SEPTA train station (and I’ll even go so far as to argue that Philly is as much defined by its suburbs as the suburbs are defined by Philly). Philadelphia has my roots and my memories but more importantly, Philadelphia has my future.

    This city is a bit rough around the edges, a bit abrasive. It’s a tough love city. To live here, you have to know what you want. And then you have to ask for it because no one is going to tell you what it is you really want and no is going to hand it to you either. It feels harsh at first but then you realize its home.

    If you are like myself and you call Philadelphia home, I’d like to invite you to the upcoming Change Maker Philly event on Saturday November 22nd, 2008. If you would like to help us make a difference in the City of Brotherly Love, please join us for our kick off event. If you want to help, can’t make it or have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Kathrin Ivanovic. We believe in Philadelphia and we hope you do too.

    Why it is tough to live like Fire Opal

    January 11, 2008 // 1 Comment »

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    I have given my nail polish a lot of thought as of late. Not just in the Mary Foley , are you a bodacious woman sort of way but in the nail polish as a physical representation of myself as a woman sort of way. I don’t think it clicked in my head how different those concepts can be.

    Two years ago, I heard Mary Foley speak for the first time while on a trip to Washington DC. She was incredible. She is a Phi Mu sister from the 1980’s, retired AOL executive, and now a women’s motivational speaker. She charged all of us at the luncheon with learning to live like our nail polish in the time that was come.

    Today, I am painting my nails with Sunrise, Sunset (number 81 in the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength line). I find myself addressing the question: how do I live like sunrise, sunset? Does it involve my being awake for both? If orange was a personality trait, how would I live like it? Why did I not opt to buy the Tangerine Joy polish? And why is it so much easier to live like Champagne Toast than it is to live like Fire Opal? While these are not pressing questions in the mind of most, they can be a bit problematic when all I am trying to do is live like my nail polish and the bold names they possess.

    There is also the slight detail that my line of work severely limits my ability to wear nail polish and for a nail polish fiend like myself, this is rather upsetting. Apparently, the FDA and state food agencies frown on nail polish in a food preparation environment. While I don’t exactly blame them, I am not thrilled about it either. Sometimes I try to trick myself that my nail polish is really “Nude” or “Bare” or “Pure” but Starbucks tends to frown upon nudity and I would burn myself out far too quickly if I bared my soul in there too often. And even when I try to tell myself that I am living purely, the truth is that I am not and that by my mother’s standards, I am a heathen headed straight for eternity in a fiery pit.

    In college, I prided myself on having perfectly manicured nails, even before the bodacious awakening, as I like to think of it. To me, my nails were a statement of luxury. They were long, natural, and perfectly coated in color. I loved the look of surprise on women’s faces when they realized my nails were not acrylic and I loved the look of relaxation on my guy friends when I would softly drag my nails across their backs. It was a symbol of power. Few of my friends realized the amount of work that went into maintaining them as I had a tendency to also prove that I was just as strong as everyone else and my hands tended to be a visible statement of that. I liked to make sure that my finger nails, at the very least, were saying “I am better than you”.

    Sunrise, sunset. I didn’t see the sunrise today. I will probably see the sunset but there are no promises for that. Does sunrise to sunset imply that I should be nonstop through the lit hours of the day? Or does my bottle of nail polish want me to learn how to appreciate the beauty that we are blessed with everyday? My nail polish draws attention to the fiery parts of the day, the parts that are vibrant with color and illusion as the light dances through the sky – did my living today reflect that? Am I still vibrant with color? Am I illuminated by light?

    Originally posted to Diaryland as Im32flavors on May 30, 2006.